Government Of India    -   भारत सरकार

Ministry of Finance     -   वित्त मत्रांलय

Goods & Services Tax Commissionerate, Jammu & Kashmir

सामान और सेवाएं कर आयुक्तालय, जम्मू-कश्मीर


Public Notices (General)

S.No. Description
1. Standing Counsel Vacancy each at Jammu and Srinagar in the Panel of Standing Counsel

Public Notices (RTI)

04/RTI/2017 dated 16.11.2017 Designated CPIO and  Appellate Authority
01/RTI/2018 dated 20.03.2018 Designated CPIO and Appellate Authority
02/RTI/2018 dated  
03/RTI/2018 dated 20.06.2018 Designated CPIO and their jurisdiction
04/RTI/2018 dated 28.07.2018 Designated CPIO and their jurisdiction